A small article about women’s health

Dear women, today I would like to reflect on the topic.

Female – health. For me, health is a very important part, one of the priorities in life. And I am sure that if not all, then most of us want to be beautiful, healthy and young!

The reality is that women often experience difficulties with their health. Various gynecological diseases, disorders of the reproductive system, neoplasms and inflammations. They undergo treatment, do not recover, or recover but soon become ill with something else. And so on…

I am convinced, and my professional experience confirms this, that often behind any illness or disorder, there are psychological difficulties. Our body signals that something is wrong, and we should pay attention to something in our life.

Starting from a simple lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, fresh air, the opportunity to restore strength) and ending with a deep and lasting relationship with ourselves, with our femininity, which is often not realized and, as a result, is not changed.

A couple of questions to turn to yourself

How much do I accept myself as a woman? How much am I valuable and precious to myself? How healthy are the relationships that I enter into with the people around me, with the world? How attentive am I to my needs and feelings? Do I hear the signals of my body or prefer to ignore them?

Taking care of oneself is the key

When a woman treats her well-being, her inner state, and her body with trembling, tenderness, and immense value, everything in her begins to flourish and smell sweet. When she harmoniously organizes her life. Affairs, cares, and responsibilities that lie on a woman with a value for herself are a joy and pleasure. Relationships are ecological, healthy, and prosperous. A woman with attention relates to those who surround her and with whom she enters into relationships, especially close ones.

Being a woman is beautiful. And when we – women realize the full value of this position and lovingly treat ourselves, we are filled with health, energy of life, beauty, and youth. A woman who values herself is beautiful and capable of giving love!